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Between the time I applied to be a writer for The Lingerie Addict and the time this column is published, I will have moved my lingerie collection from a drawer to its very own small closet. While this speaks to what a powerful and fun addiction lingerie buying can become, it also speaks to the many options that full-figured women have when it comes to buying beautiful underthings.

Lately, I’ve been buying almost exclusively pieces that are intricate and incredibly feminine. I don’t know if it’s the fact that fall is approaching in the South (which means we can go outside again), or the fact that I enjoy having a secret girly interior that no one knows about. I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of woman most of the time, but these days I’ve always got a layer of delicate lingerie on underneath.

To celebrate the end of summer (here that means the cicadas stop screaming at us and we can eat outside again) and the beginning of fall, here are some pieces that I’m wearing constantly and some others that I’m obsessing over.

Bess Padded Bra, by Affinitas Parfait:

I hadn’t tried Affinitas until this month, mostly because I’d heard some things about the fit being a little irregular for some people. So far this is the only Affinitas set I’ve owned, but I’ve spent the last week practically living in it. It fit perfectly (although in a 34G cup instead of my normal 34FF), and is as comfortable as my regular t-shirt bras. I love the tucked details on it, as well as the buttons. It’s almost got an origami feel to it, but the pattern is very traditionally French. Thankfully, it also goes under all my white t-shirts and tank tops smoothly, which is why I’ve been wearing it so much recently. Affinitas Parfait runs up to a G cup.

Sophia Bra, by Claudette:

I’ve spent a lot of time looking for great bras made by independent designers, so I was thankful to stumble across Claudette as a result of a Twitter recommendation. I adore blue lingerie, and this set hits a nice balance between beauty and practicality. The sizes run from A-G cups, which is great for us full-figured women.

Sam, by Marika Vera:

Ever since I saw the movie High Society, I’ve wanted Grace Kelly’s robe/bathing suit cover up . This piece is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to it, and is a fabulous combination of vintage style and modern details.  Marika Vera is an independent designer out of Mexico City, and is doing some amazing things with delicate materials and leather. She also produces her lingerie as made to measure orders, which means that full-figured girls can take full advantage of her beautiful pieces.

Lola Heart Nightdress, by Lou Lou Loves You:

Inspired by Roald Dahl and Alice In Wonderland, Lou Lou Loves you has a funky and unique perspective on feminine pieces. This silk nightdress is edgy enough and girly enough to suit my tastes. Even better, her sizing goes up to an F cup. This piece is at the top of my wish list.

Artistry Bra, by Elle Macpherson D-G:

I currently own this set in red and dark blue, as well as her Cupcake bra in grey and blue. I ordered the first one on a whim because I was skeptical that a bra built like this would really work for my 34FF chest, but I was proven completely wrong. This bra looks sexy and feminine, but has incredible support and structure built into it. I feel like I’m wearing a steel cage when I put it on (in the best way possible). My only note is that the sides come up very high (which I love, but you might not), and the straps are cut shorter than I’m used too. As someone with a small bone structure and a short torso this works out perfectly for me, but might not be as comfortable for someone who was taller or had broader shoulders. Elle Macpherson makes up to a G cup.

Hourglass Corsetlette by Charnos:

I already own this corsetlette in peach, and I’m seriously contemplating buying it in black as well. It’s incredibly comfortable, and I’m finding that it comes in handy in all kinds of fashion situations. As the temperature drops below !00 degrees here, I’m also contemplating acquiring more stockings for the fall. I fell in love with these plum colored ones over at Kiss Me Deadly the other day. Charnos makes up to a G cup.

What are your favorite feminine pieces of lingerie? Have you tried any of these brands? What did you think? Leave a comment and let me know

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